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This is definately a favourite way of using duck eggs, Mum complains about making pancakes as she spends hours making them and never gets any herself. We always offer to cook but for some reason she is not so keen on letting us loose with the frying pan. Maybe it was something to do with the recent toasted sandwhich incident when Dora and I melted the electric lead and caused a power cut. Fav topping is chocolate spread, but normally we are just allowed lemon and sugar.
Perfect Pancakes:
1 Elsas Organic Duck Egg
100g plain Flour
250ml milk
lard or oil to cook
Mix milk, egg and flour in liquidiser. Then fry in hot greased pan. Eat as many as you can but you will need to increse the ingredients. Mum uses 3 eggs and 750ml milk but we would prefer at least 6 eggs and lots of chocolate sauce.
When we have french students we sometimes get fancy and add 50g of melted butter and 50g of castor sugar to the mixture and call them Crepes. ooh la la!

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